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- Information mostly collected from Gizmo's Freeware.
- If you don't find what you need, check the last section (freewares that can be run on many O/S). If you still don't find it, contact me, and I'll introduce suitable freeware(s).
- Some are not freeware, but you can download them free here (no piracy).
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Security & Privacy
Malware remover: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Browser protection utility: Sandboxie
Anonymous surfing service: CyberGhost VPN

Cleanup, Tune & System Utilities
PC tune-up utility: WinUtilities Free
Registry cleaner: Wise Registry Cleaner
Disk defragmenter: UltraDefrag
Secure erase utility: Eraser
Startup manager: Autoruns
Uninstaller: Revo Uninstaller
System information utility: SIW
Drivers packs:
(For these 3 links below ↓, press the white button to download)
 *\There are Win8 drivers in the Win7 packs too./*

File & Desktop Utilities

Drive imaging software: Macrium Reflect Free Edition
Folder synchronization utility: Allway Sync
Backup Software:  Backup Maker
File manager: xplorer² lite
File encryption utility: Sophos Free Encryption
Partition manager: MiniTool Partition Wizard
File copy utility: FastCopy
Data recovery utility: MiniTool Power Data Recovery
File archiever / zip utilities: 7-zip

Image & Photo

Screen capture utility: Screenshot Captor
Digital image viewer: Zoner Photo Studio Free
Digital image editor: LightBox Image Editor

Internet, Email & Networking

Email Client: Mozilla Thunderbird
Wi-Fi network finder utility: Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
FTP client: Fire FTP

Audio & Video

CD/DVD burning software: ImgBurn
Media player: PotPlayer
Music player and organizer: MusicBee
MP3 tag editor: TagScanner
Video editor: VideoPad
Audio & video format conversion: Freemake Video Converter
CD & DVD emulation software: Gizmo Drive
CD ripper: Exact Audio Copy
Online TV viewer: JLC's Internet TV Viewer

Office & Productivity

PDF tools: PDFill PDF Tools
PDF writer: PDF24
PDF reader/viewer (better than Adobe's one): PDF-XChange Viewer
Office suite:
( password: - if there's one )
Project manager: Open Workbench
Word processor: Jarte
Personal information manager: Pimero Free Edition
Software suite: LiberKey


Home & Office
Office suite: LibreOffice
Word processor: AbiWord
PDF writer: CUPS-PDF
PDF reader: Okular
Comic book reader: Comix
PDF tools: PDF-Shuffler
Personal information management: Evolution
Dictionary & thesaurus: Artha
Project manager: GanttProject
Notes organizer: KeepNote

Image & Tools
Paint program: MyPaint
Photo organizer: Picasa 3
Digital image stitcher: Hugin
QR code generator and decoder: QtQR

Media player: VLC Media Player
Music player & organizer: Rhythmbox
Audio & video format conversion:
SoundConverter (install this first: GStreamer MP3 Encoding)
CD/DVD burning software: K3b
CD/DVD emulation software: Furius ISO Mount
CD ripper: Asunder
DVD authoring software: DeVeDe
Photo slideshow software: ffDiaporama
Audio splitter: mp3splt-gtk
Video download: ClipGrab

Disk & File Tools
File manager: Dolphin
Duplicate file detector: FSlint
Drive imaging program: Clonezilla
Backup program: LuckyBackup
Folder synchronization utility: FreeFileSync
File comparision utility: KDiff3
File archiever / zip utilities: PeaZip
Secure erase utility: Darik's Boot and Nuke
CD recover utility: Dvdisaster

Desktop & System
Screen capture: Shutter
Desktop search utility: Recoll
Screen session recorder: Wink
Font manager: Fontmatrix
Color picker: gcolor2
Windows API: Wine
Cleanup & tuning: BleachBit
System backup: Remastersys
Other system tools:

Security & Privacy
Password manager: KeePassX
Firewall: Gufw

Internet & Email
Email client: Evolution
Download manager: Uget
Bittorrent client: Tixati
FTP client: Filezilla
Instant messaging client: Pidgin
RSS feed reader/aggregator: Liferea
Remote access software: TeamViewer

HTML editor: KompoZer
NFO viewer: NFO Viewer


Home & Office
Office suite: NeoOffice
Word processor: Bean
Text editor: Aquamacs
PDF writer: PDFwriter for Mac
PDF reader: Skim
Comic book reader: iStrip
PDF tools:
Notes organizer: Evernote

Image Tools
Image viewer: Xee
Paint program: Paintbrush

Media player: MPlayer OSX Extended
Music player & organizer: Songbird
Audio & video format conversion: Smart Converter
CD/DVD burning software: Burn
CD ripper: Max
DVD authoring software: SmallDVD

Disk & File Tools
File manager: muCommander
Rename utility: NameChanger
Disk imaging program: iDMG
Backup program: Carbon Copy Cloner
File synchronization utility: FileSync
File archiver / zip utilities: Keka
Secure eraser utility: Permanent Eraser
CD recover utility: PhotoRec
Hash utility: HashTab

Desktop & System
Screen capture: SnapNDrag
Desktop search utility: EasyFind
Font manager: Opcion Font Viewer
Color picker: Color Picker Pro
Program uninstaller: AppCleaner
System backup: SuperDuper
Virtualization solutions: ClamXav
Windows API: PlayOnMac

Security & Privacy
Password manager: LastPass
Firewall: NoobProof

Internet & Email
Email client: Opera Mail
Download manager: Folx
Bittorrent client: qBittorrent
FTP client: Cyberduck
Instant messaging client: Adium
RSS reader-aggregator: NetNewsWire
Hotspot finder: KisMAC

NFO viewer: NFOViewer
(different from Linux's NFO Viewer)


Logo creator:
C++ IDE: Code::Blocks
iOS and Flash games creator: Stencyl
Finance software: GnuCash
HDR software: Luminance HDR
Media center: XBMC
DVD ripper: HandBrake
Audio editing software: Audacity
Music creator: LMMS
eBook reader: Calibre
Desktop publishing program: Scribus
Image editor: GIMP
Image viewer & editor: XnView
Vector graphics editor: Inkscape
CAD program: Blender
MP3 tag editor: Kid3
Video editor: Avidemux
Music notation software: MuseScore
Partition manager: GParted
File encryption utility: TrueCrypt
Online backup sites: Dropbox
File copy utility: UltraCopier
Program launcher: Launchy
Media streaming recorder: Jing
Wallpaper changer: Wally
File cleaner: CCleaner
Internet safety check: WOT
Anonymous surfing service: JonDo
Remote access software: LogMeIn
HTML editor: Netbeans
Programming editor: Bluefish

JAN. 19th. 2013 FREEWARE!

JAN. 20th. 2013 FREEWARES!
Video player: FreeSmith Video Player
PC Tune-up Utilities: 360Amigo System Speedup Free
Browser: COMODO Dragon

JAN. 21st. 2013 FREEWARE!
Social-networking tools: Digsby

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