Monday, January 07, 2013

Internet Download Manager (full+updatable)

> Note: For Windows only.

You can easily find reviews about Internet Download Manager (IDM) on the net. Hence, there won't be any introduction here.

There are many, many cracks and patches of IDM. But sometimes, those may contain viruses that are harmful to your PC. In addition, most of those versions can't be used after update unless the patches/cracks also have a new version. So, today, I'll show you the most effective way to get a clean, full IDM. And updating will become very easy, too!

First, download the trial version of IDM here. Then, install it.
( Note: Wait 5s, then press 'SKIP AD' on top right corner of the site. )
If IDM automatically runs after installation, close it. If there's an IDM icon at the taskbar's notification area (bottom right corner of the your screen), right-click it and press 'Exit'. In case you don't know how it looks, it's a globe with a black-green arrow, or just a big black-green arrow.

Then go to the drive where your O/S is installed (it's usually drive 'C'). Open these folders one after another: Windows => System32 => drivers => etc. For example, if your Windows is installed to drive 'C', the path should be like this: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. You'll then see a file named 'hosts' here. Cut and paste it to Desktop. Then, open it with Notepad (or any text editor). If you don't know how to do this, contact me and tell me your O/S, I'll show you. A window will open, there you will see a lot of texts, codes, etc.

Next, copy and paste these lines right below those texts and codes:
Then save and exit Notepad. Cut and paste the 'hosts' file back to its original location.

After that, open IDM. Go to 'Registration' (on the menu bar of IDM). A new window appears and asks you for some information. Enter your First Name, Last Name,  Email; then stop at the Serial Key.

Copy and paste one of these keys to the Serial Key field:

Click 'OK'. An error report will show up. Don't worry! Re-open IDM. And...congrats! You've just successfully registered IDM.

From now on, you can enjoy using the full version of IDM. You can update easily whenever there's a newer version. No more fake serial detections, no more waiting for new cracks/patches. Isn't that cool?

Have fun!

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