Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Making 10-20% more money with adf.ly

If you have been clicking on my links, you sure have noticed about adf.ly. So sorry about the inconvenience, but waiting 5s isn't that bad, right? Now I'll show you how to get some out of adf.ly.

First, register an account here. After registering, you can press 'Account' on top of the site to update payment method. I recommend PayPal, and if you don't have an account, you can set one up easily here.
If you register by this link (the adf.ly one, not PayPal), you'll be referred to me. I'll explain about this later.

Then shrink some links. Just copy and paste the link to the shrink box and press [Shrink!]. Before that, you could choose the kind of link you wanna get by pressing 'more options': A link with ad (Interstitial Advert - most $$$$$); a link with ad too, but the ad is just a banner on top of site (Framed Banner - less $$$); a link with no ad, just simply using this to get a short URL (No Advert - No $$).

When someone presses a link with ad (including you), you'll get paid. The amount of money each click gives you relies on the regions of clickers. US got paid most, next is UK, etc. Try to get as many clicks as possible (using it to shrink links you wanna share; ask for friends' help; etc.) because this gotta takes a lot of time. You'll only get $4-5 for per 10,000 clicks, not to mention this is only for top regions like US. You can check the payout rates here.

About the referral, I'll get a bonus 20% from the money you got from clicks. That doesn't mean you get 80% and I get 20%, it means that (You.100) and (Me.20). And I'll give you 10% of that. Here's a little example for better understanding: You got $500 this month, I'll get a bonus $100 (20% of that $500). And then I'll give you $50 (10%). Finally, you got $550 (110%) and I get $50 (10%). How does that sound?

However, honestly, you can make more money yourself using this way: Register acc.1, then use acc.1 referral link to register acc.2. You can get this referral link by pressing 'Referrals' after logging in. Then you make some money with acc.2, and then acc.1 will get a 20% bonus. Finally, you get 120%. How is it? Better than my deal, right? But if you don't mind working with me, please register on adf.ly with my link. Then make some little money from clicks. Have fun!

Hope you found this helpful. Cheers!

If you have any questions, just comment below or email me.

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